200 Yoga Teacher Training Dates

Mahamukti Yoga is curently running 200 / 300 & 500 hour yoga teacher training in India at Goa and Rishikesh. Please see below dates for 2017. Limited seats, please enroll in advance.

 Location : Rishikesh
 Fees EUR 1350

 Location : Goa
 Fees EUR 1350

 Location : Dharamsala
 Fees EUR 1350

2nd Nov to 30 Nov 2017 4th Oct. to 28 th Oct 2017 3rd Jul. to 30th Jul. 2017
1st Feb to 28th Feb 2018 1st Nov. to 25th Nov.2017 3rd Aug. to 28th Aug. 2017
2nd Mar to 30 Mar 2018 28th Nov to 22nd Dec.2017 3rd Sept. to 28th Sept. 2017
  7th  Jan to 31st Jan 2018 3rd Oct. to 28th Oct. 2017
  5th  Feb to 1st  March 2018 1st Nov to 26th Nov. 2017
  5th  Mar to 29th March 2018  

Booking & Payments

We Accept Paypal

Please pay EUR 250 as registration fees for any course per student. Balance shall be paid on orentation / arrival day. Please fill the registration form, we shall revive the payments and registration process and let you know in few hours time. For any queries, please let me know through our "Contact page" which has all our contacts and emails.

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