This holiday , explore the sun, sand and sea along with the art of yoga at the tropical island of Goa, India.  Take the advantage of the views of the sunset scenery along the coastline , watch the natural landscapes untouched while you feel relaxation and rejuvenation take over you as you pursue an enlightening course on yoga teacher training at Mahamukti Yoga- the leading yoga teacher training in Goa and India.

Why India is famous for learning Yoga

The vedic era of ancient India is when the art of ‘yoga’ is said to have originated with this term being mentioned in the holy Rig Veda.  So the golden opportunity to pursue a course in Yoga in India is something that should not be missed for sure.

India- the land of saints, spirituals, yogis, and men and women seeking enlightenment and wisdom, has been the hub of authentic yogic education which has been a legacy passed on to generations of students since time immemorial.  Yoga institutes of high cadre have been producing accomplished yoga gurus who have mastered this art form and Mahamukti Yoga in India is proud to be one of them. In this context, the guru or teacher plays a crucial role. It is the teacher who encourages and guides the students to experience and delve deep into the magnitude of human consciousness as offered by the yogic route. Learning yoga under the tutelage of great masters who have the authentic wisdom and know-how of yoga coupled with an atmosphere favouring the practice of yoga are the evident reasons  as to why India is one of the most wanted destinations for yoga practitioners from all over the world .

Mahamukti Yoga in Goa- why prefer us over others

Founded in 2015 with the intention to spread the authentic teachings of multi-style ancient yoga, today we have successfully established our goodwill and name in the yogic world. Besides Goa, we are located in Rishikesh and Dharamsala, India. We are also glad to extend our international presence in Bali, (Indonesia), Thailand, Costa Rica and Cambodia. Students prefer our yoga school on account of the following added features of our course:

  • Exotic locations, comfortable accommodation, traditional Indian sattvic meals served thrice daily
  • Certified Yoga Teachers possessing the vast wealth of yogic knowledge
  • Traditional Yoga School in India that follows the authentic and simple-easy-to-understand  teaching methodology , though with  a contemporary outlook
  • Brilliantly crafted syllabus on Teacher Training keeping in mind the guidelines and standards set by Yoga Alliance (under which the yoga school is registered)
  • Family – like environment to make students feel a ‘home away from home’ during their stay in India.
  • Student – friendly staff ready to provide support and guidance when needed
  • Combination of academics with other entertaining activities such as excursions, Kirtan nights, Saturday movies etc. to lighten and refresh the mind.

Bask in the glory of freedom and joy as you step your foot in this part of India that welcomes you to enjoy each and every moment of your stay here. With a whole lot of activities in Goa that promise fun and adventure, we assure you that you will take back home with you the assets of well-being of the mind, body and soul.

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