8 Days Alchemy Yoga Retreat in Thailand (Koh Phangan)


8 Days Yoga Retreat in Thailand (Koh Phangan)

Mahamukti Yoga School welcomes you to enjoy a wide variety of Alchemy Yoga Retreat & Meditation classes suitable for all levels practitioner. The program is designed to support a holistic experience and promote a deeper connection with your body, mind and spirit. Along side our daily classes, we offer occasional harmonizing workshops and events, and guests can relax and renew with a Thai massage, or choose an in-room treatment from our extensive, holistic healing treatment menu. 

Alchemy of Yoga 

Yoga is an ancient science of transformation of your body from matter to pure energy, energy is nothing but vibration or frequencies.

Highlights: Meditation from world of Tantra, Kundalani yoga,Bandh the three lock to Move your energy to crown chakra to activate your pineal Gland. Hatha Yoga Movement and breath for starching and opening the Mussels, tendons and Ligaments .Awakenings the Chakra though  meditation, breath and movement.

Our Brain is programmed—the way we think they way we feel is our being. Feeling becomes thinking and thinking becomes feeling . The way we think so we become. Thinking is part of your brain and feeling is part of body.

How we that that effects your Body and  your Hormones , when your hormones are released that’s creates your mood , your mood becomes your state of being .

As get angry this particular emotions effects your Glands , those glands releases some chemicals , which goes in to your blood stream that makes your heart beat faster you face becomes red and your Body becomes ready to flight and flight mode with out you becoming aware.

Thus each thought effected your body if you are living in Stress mode or you too much worried your body is going to be effected, your  Energy center centers are bound to be Blocked . Blocked in the sense your gland would not be producing enough Hormones to keep your body healthy.

When your body becomes week and your health declines, That bodily feeling creates a thought of being sick , each time when you say to your self I am sick that very thought again influences   your body, thus we become in the loop of visas circle .

 Thus we need to think of higher than our Body. Body is part of nature , nature exist in time and space , when we talk go beyond body that means go beyond time and space in the realm of  NO BODY,NO WHERE.

Body is Just an instrument in which brain in activity as a mind in the from of thoughts which influencing our body.

If we think greater we become great. But being in the body you can not become greater you need to Transcend your body as a thought .you have to have another experience of beyond body beyond thoughts.

To experience beyond Body beyond thoughts we have very profound  Meditation as Tool to transcend this three dimensional world and inter in to fourth dimension, YOGA CALLS IT AS TURIA AWASHTHA, which is not waking , not sleeping , not dreaming. 

Our Bodies are constantly emitting a light { Aura field } energy or frequencies, that carries an information so we constantly sending and receiving information an electromagnetic field , when we have any thought , those network of neurons that fire in our brain creates electrical changes, those thoughts cause a chemical reaction that creates feelings or Emotions, then feeling or Emotions drives our

Available Dates - Yoga Retreat in Thailand

4th Oct to 12th Oct $999 USD (available) BOOK NOW

Daily Schedule - Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Day 1

  • Check-in
  • Introduction to the resort and program
  • Wheatgrass shot
  • Dinner

Day 2

  • Morning yoga session
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Body scrub
  • Lunch
  • Evening veggie drink
  • Dinner

Day 3 – 5

  • Morning yoga session
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Body wrap or massage
  • Lunch
  • Evening veggie drink
  • Dinner

Day 6

  • Meditation session
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Body massage
  • Check-out lunch

Wonderland Healing Center (Koh Phangan, Thailand) – Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Wonderland Healing Center believes in your power to heal your own life. It’s no secret that the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, detoxing and fasting, underpinned by a balanced, plant-based diet, are the foundations for remarkable health and vitality. We are passionate about supporting you in your journey towards health, in the serene, relaxing, lush tropical environment of Wonderland.

Change Your Life

We experienced profound changes after adjusting our lifestyles to incorporate these philosophies and practices. This seeded within us the desire to live a sustainable, community-based life, grounded in the principles of mindfulness, solidarity and trust. We were inspired to share this experience with others and to create a supportive space for healing, thus, Wonderland Healing Center was born.

We welcome you to Wonderland!

Do not blindly believe what others say. See for yourself what brings contentment, clarity and peace.
That is the path for you to follow.” – Buddha



White sand beaches hug the sparkling blue ocean waters for deep relaxation & fun-filled adventures~ snorkeling, diving, hiking, kayaking are but a few. 

We are located between the secluded bays of Haad Yuan and Haad Tien which are located a 10 minutes boat ride away from the bustling beach town of Haad Rin where all the usual amenities of bank machines, money exchange, travel agents, shops, and clinics can be found.

A creative & vibrant community offers the experience of dance, spoken word, movies under the stars, drumming & chanting, and a kaleidoscope of workshop possibilities to expand your heart & horizons.  

Yoga, meditation & healing is at your doorstep with The Lotus being situated atop a lush jungle canopy surrounded by the magical sounds of rare birds & creatures while overlooking the majestic ocean below.  

Amazing healers & therapists from a collection of traditions are available to support your healing & needs and feel free to take refuge in the lap of luxury with massage therapy & the pampering experience of the spa.


Thailand hosts some of the world’s most tantalizing cuisine, and our yoga retreat in Koh Phangan is no exception.  

From healthy & raw food vegetarian dishes to exotic Thai delights, from scrumptious seafood fare to gourmet Western favorites the tri-Bay area of Haad Yuan, Haad Thien & Haad Why Nam Bays offer an incredible culinary symphony of tastes & aromas to satiate all appetites.

School Location - Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Yoga Retreat in Thailand
wonderland healing centre, 77/7 Moo.3,Koh Phangan,Suratthani-84280
Starting on
October 4, 2019
Ending on
October 12, 2019
Immerse yourself with luxury 8 days yoga retreat in Thailand with collaboration with wonderland healing centre Thailand, Koh Phangan.
Offer Price
usd 999