Chakra Meditation

A unique ONLINE LIVE  5 days’ workshop Traditional Yoga Course Based on activation of chakras.

Each day focus would be from Base Chakra onwards To Seventh Chakra. Working through Asana move, Breath and Awareness.

Each day we give a brief explanation about the connectivity of chakra and its effect in our action and reaction, In our day to action we think our act is chosen by us but in reality, it’s just a chemical reaction which creates an effect on your mind, have you ever look deeply how many times in a day you act consciously Driving a car or eating food, talking to your wife and children Are you fully there ?? maybe not?

Once you start understanding how the chakra and its corresponding Gland are affecting constantly your thoughts, mood and emotions

The 5 days program we will help you to connect with your true inner self and clear our negative past Karma and its Impact on your subconscious, so you can live more in this generous present.


25th July to 29th July 2020


10.30 am to 12.30 PM (India Standard Time)

In case you miss the class, we will send you a live recording


Daily 2 hours: First 90 minutes practice and 30 Minutes theory


Working on 1st Chakra (Root / Muladhara Chakra) Earth Element –grounding


 Working on 2nd chakra (Sacral / Swadhisthana Chakra) Water Element – Emotions


Working on third Chakra ( Solar/ Manipura/ Chakra ) Fire Element –Will and Power


Working on 4th Chakra (Heart / Anahata Chakra) Air Element –Compassion and Love


Working on 5th Chakra (Throat/ Visuddha Chakra) Space Element – Self-expression

Sixth and Seventh Chakra we touch briefly

Workshop Benefits:

This workshop will give more Knowledge about yourself and your hidden power to tap and manifest what you need to manifest, also you will have the power to come out from your negativity balancing it in your daily life.

About Akhilesh – Akhilesh has dedicated his life to sharing the wisdom of the east

He has been teaching Yoga last 20 years and running Yoga TTC and retreats more than 20 Countries.


55 USD

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