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Maha mukti Yoga Offerd - Niyama (Personal Disciplines) Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. In Sanskrit "Ashta + anga" is ashtanga. "Ashta" implies Eight and "Anga" is appendages so it implies Eight Limb way, Ashtanga yoga depends on Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. The asanas, Pranayamas or the dharana which we have considered before or the yam and niyam depend on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Subsequently, we will familiarize ourselves with the basics as expressed by Patanjali first.


Yoga Sutras by Patanjali


HISTORY OF ASHTANGA YOGA - Yoga School in Rishikesh

Yoga has its underlying foundations around 5000 years BC as depicted in Vedic Philosophy and Tantras. Patanjali , awesome sage created this way into a Darshan(Philosophy) in his Book Patanjal Yoga Sutra. In which he has figured Yoga as an Eight Limbs or Eight Fold way.



Yama (Principles or good code)

    Ahimsa - A standard of peacefulness Satya - A standard of Truthfulness Asteya - A standard of non taking Brahmacharya - Continence/Celibacy Aparigah - A standard of non-accumulating or non possessiveness

Niyama (Personal Disciplines)

    Shoucha - Purity Santosh - Contentment Tapa - Endurance Swadhyaya - Self investigation Eshwar Pranidhan - Dedication

Asana (Yoga Positions or Yogic Postures)

A steady and agreeable stance which achieves mental harmony.

Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)

Expansion and control of breath.

Pratyahara (Withdrawal of Senses)

A psychological readiness to build the energy of brain.

Dharana (Concentration on Object)

Convergence of brain on one protest and its field.

Dhyan (Meditation)

With drawing mind from every single outer question and Focusing it on one point and thinking about it.

Samadhi (Salvation)

Province of Super delight, bliss and combining singular awareness in to widespread cognizance. Relationship amongst Jivatman and Paramatman. Association of Shiva and Shakti in Sahasrar Chakra (the highest point of the head). Understanding the Bramhan (unadulterated awareness) or Realization of God is a definitive accomplishment of Human Birth.