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04 September 2018

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Mahamukti Yoga Offers 4 Days Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

After Long years of teaching and  training Yoga, meditation, healing and   philosophy I came to realise  That present Humanity  has moved away from Nature , the source of our Physical existence , which are our five elements, we are full of mind and less of our body,Mind over the Body thus Body becomes sick and mind becomes aggressive ,there is disharmony in body , mind and breath.Naturally we become confuse regarding what i want and what i do not want.we more think as mind and less feel as a heart.

Heart have no Luggage,but mind is full of words. we need to feel than cot in to the vicious circle of thoughts, that is it & needs healing of Heart. Heart is the Center of body , there are three Lower and three upper energy Center. Heart  is the  Center from there 72000 Nadies crisscrossing . You may not Know that heart has its own brain. Heart is the only Organs  which independent from the control of Brain.


Indian Ancient Book called Veda explains ANGUSHTHA MATRA PURUSH HREDAYE  SANTHISHTHATI, THE SUPRIM BEING THE CONCIOUSNESS ABIDE IN THE SPACE OF HEART .Our Mind is lost in the matter , humanity is running after Golden deer which is not there at all, but it appears so real that we keep running till the death.

Thus in this processes of running after Golden DEER  we to love , compassion and sympathy .We are so much drunken with illusion, that we can not see or feel others nor ourself. We carry deep wound in our heart, we want to healed but no one is there to understand unseen wounds which you are carrying from the Birth,  because all others are also on same platform as you are. But among the thousands there are few  who kept themselves  away from the Illusion of Golden Deer, they only can help to heal.

Thus this is the  time to take care of ourself.This retreat will provide you an Opportunity to confront your wounds and way to Uproot them. Healing though movement of yoga and stillness of meditation can you give a space to Heal.

Mr. Bodhi will lead you to a journey of Joy and celibration with a gentle movement of Yoga Posture, Certain Yoga Posture  will bring elevated Emotions that will change your chemical of body.

Your Heart will start Vibrating with the frequency of Universe Just as baby Vibrate with Mother. With total trust and surrender with no questions, with out any Judgment.

Judgment and distrust is part of the mind and mind is part of society. When Society is control by power seeker not reformers, how one can have mind which is free from fear, insecurities and judgments .

We will try to lead you to Inner Journey of Joy and freedom, health and harmony, Love and calibration.We change from being consumer to giver, from darkness to Light, from Unhappiness to Happiness.



  • Daily yoga classes
  • meditation and pranayama
  • Healing Postures
  • Partner { community healing }
  • Daily Temple Puja morning and evening Optional
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals and tea
  • 6 nights’ accommodation and food


Spoken languages: English



  • Holy River Ganga is right in front of our Swami Dayananda Asharm
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Kitchen

Ashram Life experience

Swami Dayananda Ashram is one of the famous ashram for Vedanta and Sanskrit Studies. Mr. Bodhi have completed his Vedanta and Yoga  Degree form This Asharm.

To study Yoga and Philosophy in a Ashram Environment can be healing by itself. Daily Temple Chanting and Payer will bring devotion of your heart,  as well as understanding the ancient culture and Tradition of India  will enriching experience .

Stay in ashram means living in a community of same kind of people who have same goal, that makes our Journey easy and trust worthy. Its like you travel by train for same Destination as your neighbour, then you feel secure, you are no more worry about your luggage, you have some to talk and someone who can understand you.

Opposite side of Temple you can see the beautiful and breath-taking sights of the green mountains visible from the yoga halls. Each room has a wardrobe, table and chair, as well as an attached bathroom.

Maha Mukti Yoga ,  Yoga Retreat Program, India


06:00 am Wake Up
06:30 am tea
07:00-9.00 am Pranayama and  Hatha Yoga Flow
09:00 am Breakfast
10:30 am Philosophy
13:00 pm Lunch and Rest
16:00 pm Rest/Tea
16:00-18:00 pm Hatha Yoga
17:30 pm Tea
18:00 pm Temple Arti
19:00 pm Dinner
21:00 pm Lights Off


A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course. The practice and especially the Practice  of yoga demands a high degree of self-discipline. Being in time respect the time of others as well as yours.Human Mind gets Tamasic {inertia }thus we need to shake ourself and remember why we are here.


AS you may be aware in the ashram do not entertain any kind of illegal drugs ,alcohol, Non- Veg ect. You are not allowed any our sider to bring in the  Asharm premises during the retreats.


All classes are mandatory only in case of an emergency or illness one can take leave with respected .


Rishikesh is One of the famous destination for  Yogis or who are seeking Yogic life style. Rishikesh is one of famous High energy place in the world just by sitting on the bank of River Ganga takes  all your miseries away. Even if you want to fulfils your wish you can make a mental resolution and take a dip in to the Hold River Ganga , your wish will be manifested that’s why thousands of Indian  are keep coming days after the days from thousand of years.

Swami Dayananda Himself came 40 years ago in search of Spirituality, he found all the Knowledge  he was seeking. He wanted to share this knowledge thus he establishes the Asharm  for seeker.

Akhilesh Bodhi