We Human carry so much hate and Guilt from the past it can be from the family or society or individual Guilt from the past, which is stored in our subconscious, which controls our present life even without we being aware of it.

We keep repeating our action out of our hate anger or guilt that reputation becomes a habit, habit means one is not able to change one own act, that later turns to be my personality because the way I act is the way I think.

This thinking is based on past hurt or guilt then your action is going to be the same action, the same action will produce the same result based upon your past, thus you experience the same, same experience means there is nothing new is happening in your life thus you start complaining about everything around you. You become an unhappy self.

To change this you need to change your habit the way you think the way you act.

Otherwise, we rotating in the cycle of same thinking feeling and acting thus nothing new is happening in your life.

To get rid of the old self which has been the victim of the situation we need to make a conscious effort. Can we take conscious effort then, then only there is a going to be a change in your action will bring a certain change in your expecting results those results will bring some new life.

In this workshop of self-love, we will Be highlighting how to develop self-love combining with breath bodywork and Mudras. unconsciously we try to change our unconscious in order to change unconscious behaviour, pattern and thinking, we have to go beyond the old self the victimise self without that there would be no change thus we give some tool of self-forgiveness, Gratitude for what we have and compassion for what we have gone through.



  • Using the Mudra to connecting the subtle body, using conscious movement to be in this present moment which is not influenced by the past
  • Meditation for connecting to a better future using visualization to live that moment as it’s real right now just as you dream


Thus the workshop will have

  • Dance
  • Conscious body movement
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Mudra
  • Bandha


Dates: 21st June
Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm (IST, Indian Time)
(that would be around 7 am in Europe)


Prize: 20 Euro

If you are interested in register this workshop, Apply Here


Fundamental Of Pranayama and Meditation Workshop