Yoga Teachers


Yogi Akhilesh Bodhi Ji

Akhilesh Bodhi, and professional Yoga instructor, Reiki master and spiritual mentor is founder of the Mahamukti Yoga. Akhilesh has deep understanding and extensive knowledge of Yoga practice which spans decades and developed his own inclusive method of Yoga.he learnt Vedanta philosophy at Vedanta school.

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Yogi Yogacharya Prakash Ji

Yogi Prakash Jawadeker was born in the Panchagani countryside in Maharashtra India. He was brought up and educated in Pahcnagani , he is great Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Therapist Yogi , he has through knowledge in Yoga Therapy of Iyengar style of Yoga.The self study gained through living in natural surroundings

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Yogi Shiv Pundir Ji

Shiv singh pundir is a young and dynamic Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Yoga teaching is his passion.He teaches yoga postures with proper adjustment and alignment. He knows how and where to work on an individual’s body.His deep knowledge and passion for teaching yoga make him a unique yoga teacher.

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Guru Mahi Ji

From an early age Guru Mahi was introduced to yoga. His whole family followed the yogic principles practicing pranayama and meditation. Sri Ramana Maharishi a renowned Indian Yogi Master was his father’s teacher, and Mahi’s father endeavored to pass on the precious yogic knowledge.

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Nachatter Singh Ji

Nachatter grew up in Northern India. He has a history of traditional sports which he enjoys pursuing. He came to the practice of yoga as a medium to complement and balance the effects of some of his other sporting activities. He found himself at Guru Mahi’s training center.

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Jane Cradick Ji

Jane is a dedicated student of yoga she describes herself as passionate, creative and a dedicated self-starter with 8 years of training, teaching and studying yoga internationally.Her devotion to her practice allows her to work with integrity and she prides herself on her kind and compassionate nature.

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Paria Ji

Paria inspire students through the practice of yoga to connect with their own personal wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential. She teach Hatha and vinyasa flow Yoga. She professional in the field of Yoga and fitness exercise.

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Akanksha Ji

An advocate by profession, Aakanksha, who grew up in a traditional Indian home with a spiritual upbringing, had always felt a calling to study and practice the art of yoga and meditation. The hectic life she had led, coupled with the stress and health ailments finally motivated her to change stream and join

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