Yoga Retreat & the Power of Chakras in Chiemgau Germany

yoga retreat in Germany

Yoga Retreat & The Power of Chakras in Chiemgau Germany

Yoga Heart Healing Retreat  –

in Chiemgau, Germany . Mountain Retreat one of the Most beautiful Retreat Center in Germany, surrounded by beautiful white snowy Alps , the Pine trees , the cows of the formers , the small  streams of rives , the mountain flower and churches belles of the Village can make you speechless.

Mr. Akhilesh great Yogi who was trained in yogic tradition of India. In his 20 year of  carrier he has been teaching  Yoga , Vedanta , Meditation , Reiki healing different part of Europe and Asia.

Chakra The Energy Center

He would be offering a beautiful Yoga Practice  to connect once  own body breath and Heart. As he says heart is one of the most important center of the Body. From the very birth we are hurt ,as we grow old we get  more heart due to our own expectation as well as once own action with reference to duties, we do often create our own hurt or guilt due to the confusion of our own duties and actions.

The very first hurt child consumes when he  is being disconnected  from the mother’s womb. He or She was thrown out from his first abode and comforts. Basically each one is  looking for the womb in this world. How to find universal womb which can take us in the same state relaxation as we experience in the Mothers womb.


He or She was thrown out from his first abode and comforts. Basically each one is  looking for the womb in this world.  How to find universal womb which can take us in the same state relaxation as we experience in the Mothers womb. In this retreat the tools would be given how to  connect with ones own Heart Chakra , in order to open the heart to universal Love, not asking from Universe  rather giving love to flowers ,plats, birds , butterflies , sun, moon , stars and  all the being around us.

Yoga Practice, meditation, Prayers, breathing are taught to connect and open the heart canter for self love not for condemnations.


Specific Chosen Yoga posture would help to Massage the organs in a such a way that’s not only remove the blockage and activate the Energy Center that is reasonable for producing certain Hormones, those hormones are keep our body in harmony. In general Yoga help to create space and removes body stress by stretching and contracting the body.


Meditation is one of the essential part of yoga Practice , though for some people meditation is seems like self torturing due to lack of enthusiasm, but once you start understating the Importance of Meditation , you may find later one of most impotent part of your life.
Keeping this in the mind that many people are not much familiar with Meditation, so we have design Dynamic and passive mediations so each one can find easy to meditate as well discover love for meditaion.
As Akhilesh has been teaching meditation to east and west he will give his best-chosen meditation which will be appropriate for the Group.

Just As , So Ham, who am I, Kundalani , chakra Meditation ect.

The highlights of the yoga retreat are:

  • Meditation 
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Bandhas – “locks of the body” to guide the energy up to the crown chakra
  • Hatha yoga positions to activate, strengthen, stretch muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia
  • Iyebgar
  • Activating the chakras through specific exercises
  • Various breathing exercises
  • Chakra meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga philosophy (in modern life)  

Daily Schedule – Yoga Retreat Germany

07:00 am – 8:00 am Meditation
08:15 am –  9:00 am Yoga
09.00 am Breakfast
11:30 am – 12:30 pm Lecture on Yoga
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm Lunch and Break
03:00 pm – 5:30 pm  Yoga & Pranayama
6:30 pm Dinner 
08:15 – 9:00 pm Meditation or Mantra Singing, Questions & Answers

The Mountain Retreat Center in Chiemgau


The house has 19 rooms . Small, fine, comfortable. Each one of them is a special kind of retreat. Some rooms have their own bathroom and toilet, some share bathroom and toilet with other participants, but in any case have a sink in the room.

From each room you have a view of the wonderful natural landscape of the Alps . It can happen that you can be astonished out of nowhere. Again and again.

The heart of the Retreat Center is the large and fully equipped Yoga Meditation Room (70 sqm) with parquet floor and access to the terrace (for practicing). In the basement there is the second, smaller seminar room (30 sqm) with a homely atmosphere and views of the countryside.

Whether in yoga, meditating, continuing education or whatever topic … the atmosphere in the house supports you, that you can devote yourself fully to the program content.

Around the house you will find cozy benches to relax, hiking trails in the near and distant surroundings, in summer wonderful flower meadows, well guarded by the shepherds, the cows. In winter ideal for a winter walk.


The food at the Mountain Retreat Center is 100% vegetarian. The most important meal of the day, at least the Chinese say, is breakfast. Therefore, we also attach great importance to a good, healthy breakfast – always with warm porridge. For lunch there is soup, bread and spreads, and in the evening you will be spoiled with salad, vegetarian main courses and a dessert. Always freshly cooked, with ayurvedic accent. Incompatibilities and vegan food preferences can be limited.

What makes a Retreat Center different from a hotel?

In the Retreat Center …

… the guests wear slippers

… the guest makes sure that he feels comfortable in his room. Room cleaning is there on arrival and departure.

… it is common for every guest to clear their dishes themselves

… you can take all day water and tea in the lounge area – inclusive

… you can take other drinks from the shared fridge, you pay at the end of the stay.

Yoga Retreat Germany Course Fee

Sunday, 02.06.2019 – Thursday, 06.06.2019 Available – (Euro) € 550 ($625 USD – shared room)
                  (Euro) € 610 ( $690 USD – Private Room)

supplement private bathroom in room € 60, – 
surcharge double room for single use €  120, – 

The tourist tax of currently € 1.15 per person / night (as of Nov 2018) will be collected locally.

Friends Bonus: If you visit us again, we will gladly grant you a repeat price of € 40, -; also redeemable for a visit to our yoga and meditation house Mountain Retreat Center in Chiemgau.

What’s Included

  • 4 nights at the Mountain Retreat Center
  • Program “Yogaretreat and the Power of the Chakras in Chiemgau”
  • Vegetarian full board
  • All day energized Grander water and tea included
  • Large selection of books in the lounge
  • WLAN use included

Address: Schweibern 2, 83229 Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany

Arrival & Flight Booking

The Mountain Retreat Center is located in the German Chiemgau, on the border to Austria.

The distances in minutes by car:

  • an hour from Munich
  • 50 minutes from Salzburg
  • 25 minutes from Kufstein
  • 12 minutes from Aschau
  • 1 minute from Sachrang

Arriving by car
On the motorway A8 (coming from Munich or Salzburg) leave Frasdorf, direction Aschau, from there it is a 15-minute drive to Sachrang.

Arrival by public transport
by train or bus to Aschau, Oberaudorf, Kufstein or Niederndorf. From there you can either take the bus (few connections) or take a taxi to Sachrang. 

Arriving by plane
The closest airports are Munich or Salzburg: continue by train or bus or we organize a shuttle service (for a fee: from / to Munich € 82, -, from / to Salzburg € 212, – – subject to change).