Yoga, Wellness Retreat in Bali, 05th - 11th Nov. 2017

Join our 1 week / 6 days Yoga retreat in Bali which includes Yoga, Asanas / Postures, Meditation and One day Bali sightseeing.

Experience the profundities of yoga and meditation with our yoga retreats in Bali, the Island of God. We offer much beyond a retreat. We offer a mix of practicing a wide range of yoga styles in a nation with an exceptional historical background. We offer an astounding choice of Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training Courses in Bali. We offer the best Yoga Retreats in Bali! Our Yoga Retreats in Bali are chosen for their high caliber in Yoga Teacher Training. Our luxurious one week Yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia is designed to bring in inner transformation with the healing as prime objective.

Best Retreat Location

Our Yoga retreat locaiton is one of the best in Bali with Sea side and filled with natural bliss. The retreat itself is special in terms of vacations.

Best Yoga Holiday

Our comprehensive 6 days yoga retreat is designed to give you maxomum of everything : Yoga practice & energy filled Holidays in the Bali

Best Yoga Teacher

Our yoga and retreat instructor Sh. Akhilesh Bodhi has years of practice and teaching millions of students acctoss the globe, the best you can get.

What makes our Bali Yoga Retreat special...

Our yoga retreats in Baliprovides a private pool, kitchen and family room for each shared living suite, and a substantial fresh water open-air pool that invite us to play and refurbish. Our Yoga Shala is made with purpose and esteem, and the veggie lover cuisine is completely divine.

Bali captivates with its sensational moves and brilliant services, its claims to fame and works of art, to its excessive shoreline resorts and stimulating nightlife. You can find intricately designed temples all around. Aside from our retreats and teacher training courses, we likewise offer every day yoga classes at our brilliant expanse.

This is extravagance living for deserved Yogis! Come along to join us for this exceptional experience into the heart of yoga and experience a Bali spiritual retreat like no other.

Join our Yoga retreat in Bali..

A vacation can be extraordinary, but a yoga retreat would be far better. Retreats offer much more value than going own. Not just chill at a few spots for few days, however the yoga retreats in Bali incorporates meditation and yoga classes, veggie, perhaps natural suppers, self-improvement workshops and even an incidental spa treatment.

Jalan Pantai Seseh Dessa Munggu – 80361 Bali – Indonesia

Join us on 05th to 11th Nov. 2017 at Bali for exclusive one week Yoga retreat :
Prize  Single occupancy – 900 Euro | Double occupancy with friends,spouse – 700 Euro

Euro 100 discount for early bird registrations if booked one month prior to the retreat !


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Kura Kura Yoga Retreat Bali is situated along a small river, a few steps away from the sea. The heart of Kura Kura is the yoga shala or community space next to the small pool. Feel free to dip in whenever you like. Most rooms are built around the pool. Rooms are clean and fresh as the sea breeze, but protected and safe as the shield of a Kura Kura (Turtle). Being at Kura Kura means living close to nature with the rhythms of the sea and the music of birds singing in the coconut trees. You can hear the gamelan and mantras of the temple ceremonies near by. The original rooms are old Java style houses and the new rooms are added in the same style. All rooms have an elegant simplicity with modern basic comforts that we are used to in the Western World. Each room is decorated with love and care.