Mahamukti Yoga Retreats

Mahamukti is a Sanskrit word which means freedom or liberation. The word freedom incorporates freedom of all kinds- political, economic, social or spiritual. Here we are concerned about spiritual freedom. Mahamukti, in its true sense, refers to the freedom and liberation of one’s mind from this worldly materialistic pleasure. Mahamukti gives an opportunity to get liberated from burdens of daily life. It is a way of questioning one’s own self, to seek unanswered questions of life, and to refresh one’s consciousness and get a holistic view of the world.

Through our guided yogic and meditation practices, one gets to unfetter oneself from one’s own senses and become a quiet observant of the world within. Such practices lead to inner peace and deeper bliss. Our mind gets filled with love, compassion, generosity and gratefulness towards one self and to others outside. Mahamukti Yoga Retreat and Yoga Teaching Center is not only considered one of the most authentic yoga training schools in India, it is also recognised for its timely yogic retreats at various destinations across the globe.

What is a retreat

The word ‘retreat’means to move back or retire. However there is a difference between “retirement” and “retreat”. When one ‘retires’ from one’s workplace or any job, one not only leave that place or job, with it one leaves all the responsibilities related to it. Retreat has a deeper significance. Retreat is a way of connecting and realizing one’s own mind, spirit and body through meditation, breathing and philosophy. Retreat helps in retrieving oneself from any kind of worldly activities by concentrating on meditation, breathing and pranayama.

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Mahamukti Yoga Retreats, helps one to retire from one’s hectic life and spend some time to connect with the inner world of one’s self. The best way of connecting with the divine world is through connecting one’s mind to one’s own physical body. Yoga and meditation make such connection possible. It is through various yogic activities and meditation that one can be aware of the three level of existence of a human being. Mahamukti offers an environment of divinity and tranquillity which encourages one to withdraw oneself from the worldly involvement. Its proficient infrastructure and skilled instructors frees oneself from any kind of activities, be it taking care of the outer world or of one own self.