RYT 500
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Ayurveda Guide

Lydia started with an interest in the mind, holistic living, and diet. She came to India in 2012, to learn about the traditional Indian approach to disease prevention, and to learn more about Yogic and Ayurvedic methods. Becoming fascinated with this path she has been living here ever since, learning more about Yoga and Ayurveda, and how the two are interwoven.

She went on to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Ajay Kumar, at Sthalam8 in Mysore, where she returns for ongoing studies. There she learnt the traditional vinyasa method, the art of adjustment and much more about alignment. Through this training she was also introduced to Sanskrit chanting, and to the deeper philosophies related to yoga. She found these areas particularly interesting, and uses these subjects to bring background knowledge to the physical aspects of yoga.

Lydia uses a combination of her ayurvedic and yogic understanding of mind-body connection, to help people use the physical practice to work on the psychological level of the self. She believes through deeper understanding and observation of the physical self, we can start to observe our patterns tendencies and learn to stabilize the mind.